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Peter's Portfolio of Programs

Here are some fun pet-project applications I've written lately -- some good examples of what I can do.

You can run each of them in your browser, and find their source code on GitHub.

JavaScript/meteor.js/grunt.js live-updating social app

This is an implementation of Kevan Davis's "Johari Window" app, geared towards the improvised theater community.  A Johari Window lets you pick a set of strengths that you see in yourself, and then provides you a customized URL which you pass to your friends.  Then your friends anonymously pick sets of strengths they see in you.  Finally, the app lets you compare what you think you're good at to what your friends think you're good at.  It's implemented in meteor.js and uses grunt.js for automatic deployment to the heroku PaaS.

JavaScript/angular.js/grunt.js timer app

I'm picky about timer functionality, so I finally had to make my own timer app.  This one has a nice big LED-style display, a start/pause button, buttons to set common durations, keyboard shortcuts for everything, a useful window title, and an easy-to-read log of all user actions.  I wrote it in angular.js, with grunt.js automatically compiling HAML into HTML.

JavaScript/angular.js/d3/grunt.js/jasmine wikipedia visualizer

This lets users create "mind maps" of wikipedia with articles represented as linked nodes.  The code is written in angular.js with data visualization in d3, and grunt.js auto-compiles its HTML and CSS from HAML and SASS respectively, while jasmine is there to run convenient automated tests.

inform7 interactive fiction

This is a text adventure I wrote that's based around the beloved Hideout Theatre here in Austin, Texas.  It's written in Inform 7, which uses the principles of natural language to create an exciting new way to write text-based games.  For more information about the game, see the game's wiki page.

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